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Hindusthan Thermostatics is leading Manufacturers of Temperature Indicators for Transformers and Controllers for the Protection of Transformers, Motors, Bearing & Generators, Furnaces and Industrial Process Control applications. The company specializes in manufacturing of Winding/Oil Temperature Indicators and Controllers for Power, Distribution and Dry-Type Transformers. Hindusthan Thermostatics is established as a partnership company in the year 1965. We are serving the Nation for more than 40 years...



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Product Range

Winding Temperature Indicator for Transformer with Mercury Switches (WTI)

Winding Temperature Indicator for Transformer with Micro Switches (WTI)

Oil Temperature Indicator for Transformer With Mercury or Micro Switches (OTI)

Dial Type Thermometer with Mercury Switch (DTT/TSD)

Resistance Temperature Detector (Pt-100/CR-53 Ohms)

Differential Pressure Guage

Temperature Switch

Limit Switch

Magnetic Oil Gauge (MOG)

Buchholz Relay (GOR)

Pressure Relief Valve (PRV)

Joint Free Silica Gel Breather

Silica Gel

Heat Shrink Tape & Tube

Teflon Cable

Flow Indicator

Pressure Switch

Flow Relay

Temperature Controller

Metal Case Industrial Glass Thermometers

Digital Temperature Indicator 24 Channels

Heat Detector

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